Trend Forecast: Lovely Lace

This year's Paris Fashion Week had put some past trends back in the limelight. Do you remember the billowy, poofy sleeves on many of those models? I kept having to remind myself that I was not, in fact, watching a Shakespearean play. 

All kidding aside, one style I noticed making not one, or two or three but many appearances were lacy outfits. I've always been a fan of lace because it brings balance to many other styles that aren't going anywhere anytime soon (think: a classic leather jacket paired with a lace dress!) 

Why not go a step beyond the classic white or ivory? Try something a little more with the seasons.


Diane von Furstenberg, yes, the queen of dresses is debuting some fantastic Spring-style pieces with a variety of lace patterns. These are just two of MANY on her website right now. 

I'm also going wild for black lace tops- this style delivers the ultimate combination of sexy and elegant. 

This particular style is from Saint Laurent. One thing I love so much about this particular top is the Victorian detail - a higher neck line and key hole in the back. 


Shop this style at evers collective! 

Look out for the 'darling dress' coming soon! 




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