DIY Tassel Choker

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Although I intended to spend this weekend taking look book photos, New England weather has struck again and we're looking at a continuous rainstorm throughout the weekend. 

So, instead I decided to try a DIY project- of course I can't get enough tassels so I picked up a few supplies to make my own DIY suede tassel choker. To make your own, here's what you'll need:

1 Pair of Fabric Scissors
A 9"x12" piece of Suede Fabric (or whatever type of fabric you'd like the tassels made out of) 
2 6.8mm Split Rings
Hot Glue Gun & Sticks
1 pc of Suede Cord 
1 Sharpie
2 Decorative Beads (Optional)
Measure the suede fabric and using the Sharpie, make small marks indicating 3" length and cut across. Do this twice (to make two tassels).
Next, at the top of the suede piece, mark 1cm on both sides and begin to cut fringe up to that point (see photo)
Once the fringe is cut throughout the piece of suede, cut one of the fringe pieces off of the side and shape into a loop, take one of the split rings and put it through- this is what you will tie to the suede cord. 
Take the hot glue gun and on the far left side of the suede piece, glue the piece of fringe you cut and put the split ring on to hold the tassel.
Now, take the hot glue gun and put a dab of hot glue on the inner side of the fabric and begin to roll it, being careful to keep the top lined up perfectly. Repeat these steps to create your next tassel. 
Now that you have two tassels, now is when you'll put them on the suede cord and make your choker. I wanted my choker to be a little longer so the tassels would hang - mine measures a little less than 4' - but you can make it whatever length you prefer! 
I also wanted to spruce it up with some decorative silver beads, which I found at Michael's Craft Store. Simply loop the ends of the suede cord through the split rings and through the beads (if being used and tie). 

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