#Trending - How to Pull Off This Season's Trends

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The trend: Over the knee boots
Over-the-knee boots demand attention, so give it to them! Allow them to be the statement of your outfit by pairing them with a minimalist black, long sleeve A-line dress. 
The trend: Tassels
Depending on where you wear them these can either command attention or add to the ensemble. If you try tassel jewelry, such as a necklace or earrings, these are the center of your outfit. Just like the boots- wear a black or white minimalist top If you add a tassel accessory to a clutch, bag, or belt, this will add to the overall outfit. Try a bright and flow-y bohemian skirt with a tassel belt or a statement dress with tassel accessories on your bag. 
The trend: Suede
Suede is a versatile fabric, I've seen it work well not only as accessories or jackets, but even as far as a dress, top or pants! For this trend I would have a little fun, try different hues to see what works best and pair with different fabrics for a unique texture. I personally love to combine black leather or liquid leggings with a tan suede top or denim and suede, try a light grey or tan suede dress and a blue denim jacket for a western look. 
evers collective; http://ow.ly/10qhAi
Another aspect of this trend are the suede baseball caps. For the ultimate tomboy, cool-girl style, pair this with Timberland boots, a short-sleeve button up and and black jeans. 
www.Looktastic.com / River Island Suede Cap; Asos.com
The trend: Florals 
I think florals look best when you give them a low-key summer look. Try adding floral accessories to your outfit or wear a floral crop top to high-waisted shorts or a midi skirt. 
evers collective;  http://ow.ly/10qhIy
The trend: Lace
Lace is so feminine, I like to piece together outfits that incorporate the opposites-attract style for balance. For example, a classic black or brown leather jacket with a white lace top or dress. You can also read all about the lace trend and additional ways to style it here.
The trend: Flat & Platform Sandals
Platform shoes have been making a major comeback over the last year and now the biggest trend in this style are sandals. Try a platform with thick straps, and try to stick with neutral tones, this will elongate your legs. If you go with bright colors, I suggest you also wear a bright or neutral outfit, either to compliment or add balance. 
The trend: Bohemian 
Nothing says bohemian quite like ivory, off-shoulder, lace or crochet. Try a combination of these. For example I'm in love with crochet off-shoulder tops and angelic long ivory dresses. 
evers collective;  http://ow.ly/10qi0o
The trend: Layered jewelry
Normally, I harp over less is more- but in order to pull of this trend, stacking jewelry together can only be done by adding. One way I simplify this trend is by consolidating the layering to one or two types of jewelry. For example: try layering necklaces with multiple pendants and lengths, and pair it with a few thin, dainty bracelets or a watch. Or, stack up on rings and be sure to include a midi ring here and there, but don't wear bracelets, instead wear two or three small layered necklaces. 

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