Paint it Black: 5 Reasons to Love Your LBD

... And basically every other piece of clothing with that classic hue. I'm the kind of gal who will intentionally go shopping to add some colors to my wardrobe and end up purchasing more black clothes. It seems as though I have a permanent 90:10 ratio for black and all other colors when it comes to my closet, and honestly- I'm fine with it. There's a perfect balance in the color black, and while I've always favored it I never quite analyzed why. Here's my top five as to while this color will alway just work.

1. Versatile

 Black is a simple, yet impactful color. At times it can be intense, and other times it can be silent. What I love most about wearing black is that I can use it to adjust the sails of my outfit. Maybe I'm going for sultry, maybe I'm going for edgy - no other color can deliver such a wide variety of emotion to clothing. 

2. Goes with everything
While this article is specifically on the color black, both white and black can be used to fit into any other type of color in an ensemble. Generally, this depends on what you're going for. For example, if I am trying to attain a gentle or maybe bohemian look I will pair white. For classic, trendy, edgy or otherwise, I'll pick black. And of course, matching the correct footwear and/or accessories with the ensemble. I'm a firm believer in the power of black heels. 
3. Flattering
Simply enough, black is slimming. It elongates the torso and gives the appearance of narrowness. Have you ever wondered why -literally- every woman looks great in a little black dress? Of course all 5 reasons add up to it, but there really is no other color as flattering as the color black. 
4. Classic
Coco Chanel once said, "simplicity is the key note to all true elegance" I believe this has a lot of truth to it- it is the ultimate classic look, do in part to it's simplicity. A black ensemble has a kind of chic-without-trying feel to it and the wearer has a look of timeless style. 
5. Expensive
Even if it's not, any article of clothing that's black will instantly have a look of expensive, impeccable taste. I've bought many black shirts and dresses for under $50 at H&M, yet everyone who sees them fawns over how much the outfit must have cost. Many people attribute the color black to luxury. When we see something black, we immediately think of sleek black leather, then think of a quilted Chanel bag. Or maybe when we think of black leather we think of a So Kate Loubuton heel.. It's that simple.

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