How To Make Any Outfit Look More Expensive

Who doesn't love to shop?? I find buying clothes to be a type of cure-all therapy. While it's nice to your wardrobe and attitude, sometimes that therapy isn't so nice to your wallet. Because most of us live on a budget of some sort- there's absolutely no better feeling than to find a great style at a great price. Now that's really therapeutic! 

Maybe you're a master thrifter, or just looking to save your pennies. Regardless of what kind of budget you're on, I think we can all agree on one thing. That whatever you wear, you probably want it to look like it was a few hundred -or thousand- dollars more expensive than it actually was. Amen to that! Who doesn't want to look expensive? 

If you're trying to 'ball on a budget'- try these no-fail tips to make any outfit you pull together look more expensive. 

1. Always wear jewelry

Personally, I don't think an outfit is complete without jewelry. I love stackable rings and dainty necklaces, but to give your outfit a real price-boost: try a brooch! Animal and insect brooches are perfect for fall, try putting it on the lapel of your blazer. 

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2. Try a structured bag

Nothing says expensive like a big, structured leather bag. Fortunately, you can find all types of these styles in different materials, like vegan-leather or suede. This will give your outfit a business-friendly look. 

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3. A classic LBD

There's nothing like an LBD; they're classic, timeless and look good on everyone. Wearing a black dress will instantly make you look like a million bucks- literally! 

everscollective Sarah Scuba Dress, $45

4. Wear a long duster or trench

 Trench coats are so timeless and effortlessly chic, they've always been one of the few essentials every woman should own. Just like an LBD, you can look through history books and see women from all different eras rocking the trench. Recently, the lightweight duster coats have moved into the limelight as the modern-woman's must have outerwear. In my opinion, both are great and either one will pull together any outfit- it really just comes down to preference. For example, if you want to have a classic and bold look, pair a camel trench with a bold red lip. Or, if you want to have a softer appearance, I love the pastel colored dusters- a great piece is everscollective's own Mocha St. Duster (arriving tomorrow!)

5. Tie it all together with a neck scarf

I recently purchased an Alexander McQueen silk scarf, and am obsessed with it. I tie this scarf around my neck or around the handles on a black structured bag and it looks awesome! Of course, if you're not into the skulls you can go for any silky scarf or handkerchief that appeals to you. I find that many vintage stores have amazing selections of silk scarfs- I actually found an Hermes scarf from the 1940's once!  

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6. When in doubt, grab your lipstick! 

Red lipstick upgrades any look from plain to sultry in an instant. Plus, it's so versatile- so many different shades of red and different types of styles. My current beauty obsession is minimal eye makeup (just mascara) and bright, fire-engine red lips! Pair this look with your best jeans, a blazer (with a brooch!) with your favorite structured bag.... I swear people will ask for your autograph! 

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