How to Rock the Matching Shorts & Blazer Trend

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Ladies, my all-time outfit staple is a blazer by far! Blazers are the easiest way to make a statement and drive your outfit in a certain direction. 

Depending on the style, they can add classiness, edginess, sophistication and femininity to any outfit... I just love that. 

And of course now that we have warmer weather a new trend is out- pairing a blazer with matching shorts!

I love this trend because this could be something you wear to work (depending on your work environment) or could wear out casually. Again, this trend is so versatile. 

We just got a new set in, the Valentina Blazer & Scalloped Shorts, which are perfect for either occasion. The scalloped shorts add femininity and are slightly high-waisted, so they're flattering, plus the blazer is fitted, so it really pulls the look together.

For effortless work-week-chic:

  • Wear a solid color blouse (white or black tend to work well as it tones down the outfit)
  • Try different fabrics, I love this look with a draped silk top
  • Pair with minimal jewelry, if any at all - the blazer & shorts are meant to take center-stage
  • Pair together matching pumps and a structured bag. This outfit is killer with black pumps and a matching black bag - think Birkin bag here! 

For a stylish happy hour: 

  • I love this look with a crop top! Just like the image above, a lacey white crop top looks so effortlessly cool
  • Experiment with contrasted patterns - such as a floral blouse with the above pattern
  • Wearing this look out is all about having a pop of color. I love a bright red bag with this outfit
  • Open-toe sandals are a must in my opinion. Whether you go for a heel or not, this type of outfit looks amazing with a nude or bright sandal

Courtesy of our Pinterest board, here's some more inspiration to pull off this look! 

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