The Top 5 Warm Winter Accessories You NEED!

If you're a North East gal like me, you expect the cold. You know it's coming and prepare, yet when it finally comes (like it has now) it's a total shock. 

The Winter didn't occur to me until the other day, when my fingers were literally frozen in place holding a cup of coffee. 

Thankfully, there's so many ways to combat the cold. Here's my top 5 cute and functional accessories to keep you warm this winter! 


 Oversized Plaid Scarfs

Over-sized scarfs are so cozy! It's like take a blanket with you for the day. Wear it however you'd like- wrap it around your neck or tie it in front. 

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Sorel boots are a must

The winter that I bought a pair of Sorel boots was the year my life literally changed. You can choose from a variety of different styles, but either way you will end up with a durable, comfortable and actually cute pair of winter boots. 

Fabulous in Fur

Adding fur details can instantly make any outfit appear more expensive. Try knit pieces with fur details, like our ivory or black scarf with faux-fur pom-poms.

Or, try a fur-trimmed cloak for an elegant look. This is definitely the fur season - so go all out! 

Knit pom-pom hats are in! 

or should I say - instant-cutness? I was surprised to walk into a store a few days ago and see how many varieties of pom-pom hats were available. I think they're a total win. 

When in doubt, a fur lined-parka is the answer

If there's anything that will keep you warm, it's going to be a coat, of course. Again, with a fur lining, you get additional insulation and they also look really great on. Try a parka for the over-sized and effortlessly cool look. 


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