Top 10 Restaurants in Boston

As some may know, I have a soft spot in my heart for Boston. Going to college at in the city's heart can definitely do it to ya. 

The level of Bostonian pride is infectious- from the day I moved into my dorm I felt like I was sitting down to a dinner with family, and the day I moved out of the city a piece of my heart had stayed there. 

There are so many reasons to love Boston - take for one, the wonderful and one-of-a-kind boutiques you can find all over the city. From timeless antiques you may find on Beacon hill to delicate dresses on Newbury street- Boston is a feast for the shopping lover. 

Now, for me, clothing is a major passion of mine, but a close runner-up (surprise, surprise) is food. Perhaps from the eclectic varieties of cultures and ethnicities to be found in any city- Boston is no exception to the one-stop shop of whatever you heart (and stomach) desires. 

I'm thrilled to be heading back up to Boston for a day trip this weekend, so for those of you who love food just as much as you love fashion, here's a few of my favorite places to get a (unique) bite to eat. 

1. The Beehive 

This is the essential cool place- The Beehive boasts as an upscale eatery and venue. When I went I enjoyed a plate of vegetarian couscous with hummus and pickled turnips, all while live Jazz was playing in the background. It is absolutely a must see for those who love night life. 

2. Grotto 

Inconspicuous on the outside, one may walk by this small restaurant on Beacon Hill and never know the delights inside. Here you will find a wide variety of rich Italian entrees.

3. Monica's Mercato

Any local will point you in Monica's direction if you're looking for a traditional Italian sub. Located in the North End, walking into this store is like taking a step into Italy- you will be wow'd by the meats and cheeses hanging from wall to wall. Try this: take your sub to go and enjoy it with a friend by the docks. 

4. Thai Basil on Newbury

Personally, I love Thai food, so this is a must for me. I come here and have their yellow curry, which balances the perfect harmony between sweet pineapples and spicy chillies. This is relatively low key and you will find very generous portions. 

5. The Q Restaurant

Located in Chinatown, Q restaurant has unbeatable hot pot. Make sure to make reservations beforehand, because everyone else in the area already knows this :) Come here and get two different broths and enjoy a delightful cocktail.

For those of you who are looking for a different experience I hope this article helps you find a new favorite spot! 



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