Why We Love Sephora's New Matte Liquid Lip Color

There's something so fun about trying new beauty products! Lately I've been spending more time at Sephora and happened to notice a new line up of lip colors, and to my excitement, matte finish! 
I happen to be a huge fan of Sephora's beauty collection- simply because they offer high quality products and typically at a fraction of a price that you may otherwise pay. I like to call it ballin' on a budget :)
Here's our breakdown of the product: 
What is it: A liquid lip color that dries into a matte finish with an ever-so subtle sheen. 
Notable Ingredients: Rose hip oil; Matte can make your lips dry out pretty quickly. This basically deters that.
Application: Very simple and surprisingly accurate: When I first took the item out of the package, I thought the applicator tip was reminiscent to the lip glosses I would put on in middle school and, after a strong breeze, would have to painstakingly wipe the grease out of my hair afterwards. Thankfully though, it's not- in fact, Sephora used a slightly contoured brush tip which makes for a precise and even application throughout. 
What We Think: It's an ultra luxurious formula that once dried, will stay where it's put and won't fade for hours- literally, hours. You will have people thinking you have a glam squad and your lipstick came performance enhanced. Plus, it comes in 12 shades, so there's no doubt you can find the appropriate color to compliment a variety of skin tones. 
The Colors We Tried: Ruby Luster & Fig Luster
Fig Luster Pictured
Expert Tip: We paired this with Bite, 100% natural lip liner and primer, which goes on completely clear and contains Jojoba and Argan oil as well. Combining these two beauty power houses will not only moisturize your lips, they are certain to deliver an all-night, can't stop, won't stop lip game. 
Find them both at www.Sephora.com

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