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The first time I tried Glossier products was this past August in Boston at their temporary pop-up shop. I spent the night with my friend and we wanted to go check out their store since it would only be around for a short time. It was a sticky, rainy day and getting into an air conditioned store, any store, was the only thing on our minds. I went in thinking the brand was just another Instagram fad and $200 later I left with a bag full of goodies I got to test, sample, wipe off and put back on. My friend and I spent somewhere around two hours in this tiny pop up trying everything and falling in love little by little. It’s easy to see why the company has become so immensely successful in a short period of time. Their products are reasonable, they’re effective (even the skin care) and the make up is lovely in all its simplicity. I’ve never felt more put together with less make up on. Among the many things tried, I have a few favorites I want to share with you. 


Future Dew


First on the list is Future Dew, a magical liquid substance that is really a combination of oil and serum. Yes, I said oil. It’s is a semi-thick consistency. The bottle recommends two pumps but I use about one and a half; otherwise it’s too heavy. It takes a little getting used to but the results are awesome. The serum is hydrating and the oil gives you a light sheen, hence the “dew” effect you see all over Gigi Hadid these days.


Zit Stick


Since getting the Zit Stick I have effectively retired my Mario Badescu drying lotion. I used to live and die by my drying lotion but this Zit Stick is way more effectively, in my opinion. Be warned though, it’s a twist tube and takes a while for the good stuff to get to the top. So I was cranking this tube for a good five minutes in my bathroom half thinking Glossier just ripped me off. Fear not though! It’s in there; you just need to be patient.


Berry Balm Dot Com


There’s actually a full Balm Dot Com line of lip colors. Personally, the berry color is my favorite. I just think the tone is beautiful and give your lips a warm, rosy color with a hint of shine. There’s many others to choose from though, depending on your mood.




The Niteshine highlighter is a force to be reckoned with. I’m not crazy about (or motivated enough to do) a full face of makeup, and I sometimes feel that highlighters out there are too highlighty, you know? It’s just too much going on in one section of my face. On the other hand, there are other highlighters out there that just have zero oomph and that’s no good either. This one I feel has just enough shine to give you the reflection you’re looking for. Plus, it’s a liquid, so you can layer on accordingly.


Cloud Paint


Let me say this, I will never ever go back to powdered blush again. Ever. Yes, I, like many others out there was a fiend for pink blush, usually over doing it, trying to give my face some life and concealing my mega dark circles. I looked like a clown. For the record, everyone goes through an awkward makeup phase (mine just lasted into my mid-twenties). All that said, this blush is kind of foolproof, you can layer it on until you get the right hue, and you, the wielder, can choose to go lighter or heavier. I think it’s a lot easier to control. Especially if you’re in a bit of a rush, this is an easy item to combine with some concealer and mascara for a I look like I’m not trying too hard but in reality I was running latelook.


So, I think it’s safe to say I will be a repeat Glossier customer for many years to come. I hope you try some of their products too and share your thoughts!

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