NYE: More than just champagne and resolutions

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And just like that, another year goes by. New Years Eve is filled with plans, nights out, and sequins, but it’s also a day of reflection. It’s a time to not just see yourself in the way you wish to, but to see your reality and all the things existing in your life. I commonly catch myself daydreaming of things I wish I could change, maybe losing some weight, having fuller lips, better clothes, what I want to do for my next vacation. To take it a step further, I even visualize myself on vacation with the new bag, the new dress flowing in an ethereal fashion, plus hundreds of Instagramable photos along the way. And some of those things might come to be, I might buy the dress or go on vacation, but that doesn’t change who I am. Within those daydreams, it’s like I’m not really me, that I’m leasing someone else’s life, and maybe that’s what I’m reallyfantasizing about. One thing I have realized most about myself this year is that I tend to believe the grass is greener somewhere else, forgetting and becoming ungrateful to the things I already have.


We live in a world of false reality because let’s face it, no one is going to broadcast their lowest moments on social media. I’m guilty of that too. Just the other day, I got into a car accident, but if you were to look at my Instagram you would have instead saw posts about the Christmas party I went to the night before. Me in the pictures with friends and my boyfriend, all smiles, drinks, make up and curled hair. Meanwhile, just an hour before that post went up I was hyperventilating in my smashed car. To be clear, I came out of the crash unscathed… just emotionally worked up.


My point is, when one connects with their friends, family members, idols on social media, it’s easy to forget that life isn’t perfect. In fact, it happens to me all the time; where I feel discouraged by something not going the way I wanted when in reality that’s just life. When someone lives and dies by social media, it’s believable that your life is the only imperfect one out there.


A focal point for me this year was welcoming more gratitude into my life. To, instead of dreaming of a life that is not mine, reflect on the goodness of my life and those around me. Yet, as changing any mindset goes, it has not been an easy feat. When one is stuck in a specific mind set for so long, the term welcoming(at least for me) is euphemistic and reality is more like forcing myself to be thankful and usually feeling like my attempts are insincere. But I’m getting better. What it comes down to, is that that is all you can do: get better.


I know that life is always a work in progress and the changes don’t seem like much when they’re observed piece-by-piece. But as we come to the end of the year, wow, it’s amazing to see just how big those changes as a whole really are.


As the old adage goes, what a difference a year makes. I am more of a grateful person, plus I see things (i.e. the world) with more realistic and understanding eyes. For once, I have empathy for myself. It’s good being me, just as it’s good being you. I hope that your day is also reflective and you can see your world as it is and be happy with it. If you aren’t happy, maybe it’s time to make a change and find the strength within yourself to do so. I hope you experience joy when looking at the good times as well as empathy and understanding for the bad times.


Have a happy New Year and get excited for what lies ahead!

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