Under Cover Wonder: Alterna Bamboo Dry Oil Review

If you ask me, having a good hair oil is like having a secret weapon. It can be hard to find one perfect for your hair type, but when you do - oh, is it worth it. 

Being someone with somewhat fine hair, I used to turn my nose up to the thought of putting oil in my hair. It seemed counter-intuitive. Like, I wash the oil out of my hair, right? Well, as you may or may not know, your hair is supposed to have some oil in it. Which is why if you're someone who washes their hair everyday, you may find that your hair gets oily. Fast. 

This is because your scalp is trying to over compensate for the oil being striped from the washing. And as I came to find out, even gentle or sulfate-free shampoos will dry out your hair to some extent. 

When I switched to sulfate-free products, I did notice a significant difference in the way my hair felt. However, despite my frequent hair trim visits, my split ends remained and continued to be as dry as ever.

This is when I started to use hair oil. I tried Moroccan Oil, which was too heavy for my hair, then Josie Maran's Lite Argan Oil, which I found was better for my face than my hair. 

What we think:

Finally, I was introduced to Alterna's dry shampoo. I actually got it as a sample from Sephora, but was hooked shortly after. A lot of hair care products claim to "do it all" ... but this one actually does. 

It's great if you have a bit of frizzy hair, or use heated tools regularly. But it's even great if you have dry hair from something as simple as shampooing, like myself. 


Our initial thoughts:

I found that the moment I spritzed this into my hair, my hair was noticeably shinier and even softer!

It has an impressive lineup of ingredients, such as bamboo extract, sunflower, jojoba and kendi oil, 

Plus, it's organic AND eco-friendly! Cheers to that!  

Expert tip:

Just like any other hair oil, a little goes a long way. Especially for my fine hair, I don't use more than 3 sprits on my entire head. It's easy to gauge how much you need based off of your normal product usage; just be weary of your own hair type.


Our overall rating: 

It's not a miracle in a bottle, no, it won't turn you into Rapunzel, but this product is an A++ in my book. I've been using it consistently for several months now and I'm very pleased with my results. 

I find that my hair breaks less and I spend less time and money at the salon. So, if used regularly, it will improve your hair's health. Plus, your hair will smell like fresh fruit! 

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