Sunday Funday in the Mosaic Shift Dress

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As you guys know, we recently got some amazing new inventory this past week. If you've been checking out our Instagram, you know I have been going nuts showing these pieces off! 

Yesterday, as it became the end of the weekend I suddenly realized that I hadn't taken the opportunity to show you the gorgeous, Mosaic Shift Dress! So, I did a quick, impromptu photo shoot, just before the sun went down. 

Prior to stocking the boutique with this dress, I never thought shift dresses were "for" me, mainly because I have curves! Typically, loose clothing doesn't flatter my figure.. 

That being said, this dress does anything but. It's loose, like a shift dress should be, but by no means is it baggy. The material is light enough where it has a certain flow and because of that it's also the perfect summer dress. I may even say wear it as a bikini cover up! 

Another thing that I think is so great about this dress are the cute tassels. Shown above, you can tie them loosely or tightly or just keep them untied- your call! Plus the mosaic-like pattern is so beautiful and flattering, it really is such a unique dress. 


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