A Minimalist's Dream Look Book

This past Saturday I decided to pair two key pieces for a minimal and classic look. 

Our very own, Sarah Scuba Dress, has a very unique feel. The dress is like wearing a scuba diving suit, but of course- a lot less heavy. Raw edges throughout and angular cuts make this dress almost geometric. I paired this with a choker from my closet (but you can check out the everscollective chokers here). As the purpose of any minimalist style, a little goes a long way. Although this dress is plain in color and shape, with its sharp edges and 90's look - it demands attention. 

To add balance, I paired the Sarah Scuba Dress with our East Side Ivory Bag. We are fawning over the classic fabric quilted pattern, with just a hint of girlish sparkle. White faux-leather is delicately wrapped throughout the metal shoulder chains. 

Shop this look! Check out the East Side Ivory Bag and the Sarah Scuba Dress


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